Haskan Kangals

Home of the imported(Turkish imports) pedigreed Kangals in Australia

Dr Murat Ogut

I am the breeder at Haskan, located in rural NSW. Haskan breeds from Kangal Shepherd Dogs that have all been imported from Turkey since 2016 as KIF Kangal Shepherd Dogs. The aim is not to change, improve or augment but rather to purely maintain this magnificent breed that has already reached it’s epitome through natural selection over hundreds of years in the villages of Sivas region in Turkey. I seek to educate and showcase this breed to the Australian people, especially the farmers struggling with wild dog attacks.

What is a Kangal?

Kangal is intelligent, independent, and courageous. Calm and vigilant, the Kangal dog can quickly switch to high alert by the slightest sounds and scents. With a strong intuition he is an expert at accurately identifying threats. They are affectionate, loyal and gentle. Their gentleness with small children, the fragile and elderly, as well as their gentleness towards all creatures large and small, is leading to it’s popularity as guardians. Regarding their human family as “flock”, they guard them as well as their animals with extreme devotion and loyalty.

Speed, agility and strength combined with unyielding courage and loyalty – the Kangal Shepherd Dog has successfully protected flocks of sheep in the open harsh wild central tablelands of Turkey against jackals, wolves and bears for centuries. With the ever-growing wild dog problem in Australia, Kangals are quickly proving to be the most reliable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Similarly they are also becoming increasingly popular as gentle affectionate guardians in family homes

Kangal dog does not need training to protect. Just letting the puppy free amongst the herd of sheep is all one needs to do. Even a full grown Kangal that has never seen livestock can naturally bond and start working as a livestock guardian very quickly.

The Kangal Standard

At Haskan

Our dream…

To preserve and showcase the legacy of the Kangal