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Hi, my name is Dr Murat Ogut

My love for the Kangal Shepherd dog begun as a young child in Turkey. Growing up hearing the stories and watching these dogs in action has consolidated my life long love for this breed and it became my passion to establish and preserve the Kangal in Australia as they are in Turkey.

Whilst looking for the breed in Australia in 2013, I failed to find any that truly represented the Kangals in Turkey. After going back and forth to Turkey to research the breed in more detail and creating the connection with KIF (Kopek Irklari Federasyonu – the official canine federation of Turkey), I made the decision to import my first KIF Kangal from Turkey – Gece (2016). I have since imported five Kangals (Gece, Alev, Sakiz, Limon and Patron) to Australia and will continue to import and breed only from these imports.

SBS article about me

I have also written the Kangal Shepherd Dog breed description for Dogs NSW

An article in Turkish about me:


The Kangals and I

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