Kangal standard

Haskan takes pride in the lineage of these magnificent turkish lions – The Kangal shepherd dogs. All of the imported dogs have FCI/KIF (Köpek Ikları Federasyonu) pedigrees and are accurate examples of how the Kangal breed should look and move. The dogs showcased are the efforts and dedication to preserving this ancient breed as they are in their country of origin, Turkey.

Below is the official standard set by KIF/FCI and examples of fitting dogs.

Insert brief history of kif

The FCI standard was created and taken from KIF. This can be viewed here

Now, seeing the above standards, we shall debunk some myths within the breed.

KIF does not accept Brindle, Black and Tan, Pure white or any variations from the standard as an acceptable colour. There are no exceptions.

There are not different “types” of kangal, there is one standard and cross breeds. “Boz” is not a breed.

Are Anatolian Shepherds the same as Kangal Shepherd Dog?


In 2018, FCI granted the Kangal KIF standard in place of the Anatolian Shepherd.
Going forward, it was advised that Anatolian breeders who wished to transfer their dogs to Kangal pedigrees have litters of dogs that fit the KANGAL standard, if not, the Anatolian shepherd dogs were not to be transferred over. FCI did not “merge” the breeds because they thought they were the same, they were actually correcting the mistakes of the west as Anatolian shepherds are not considered a breed in their native country of Turkey.
They have historical differences as Kangals are a land race/native dog and Anatolians were a man-made breed.

In the 1970s, Charmaine Hussey (UK) and other breeders from the west exported Kangals AND other Turkish breeds to create the Anatolian shepherd.
In doing so, the foundation for the breed was of mixed origin (same as many other breeds as well) and the litters produced pups of different structures/coats/colours which formed the standard for Anatolian shepherd in the west.

As you may have noticed, the Kangal standard has a strict standard which was put in place by KIF (the governing Turkish kennel club) and which FCI now follow.
The Kangal standard has remained largely the same for generations and only dogs that fit the standard in Turkey are given Kangal KIF pedigrees.
Other dogs that did not fit the standard (due to cross breeding to make the dogs bigger) were not granted KIF pedigrees and that’s why you may find “anti-kif” breeders… but that’s another story.

Due to their historical differences, the Kangal is not the same as the Anatolian.

As always said, the Anatolian shepherd may have Kangal but a Kangal may never have Anatolian.

History cannot be rewritten

Why is it important to understand the differences?

Haskan is against any cross breeding of Kangals as they have already reached the epitome in evolution over centuries in it’s homeland. Our goal is to maintain, not to experiment or enhance. The Kangal is an ancient land-race dog, meaning naturally occurring, as Sivas is an isolated region. When a western made mix calls their dog “Kangal” it is misleading to the public.

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