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What is your interest in the Kangal breed?

Are you looking for a female or male?

Are you aware that ALL puppies go out desexed and we do not allow breeding?

Are you aware that “for show” is not a valid reason for us to send an entire dog (please see show dogs page)?

Are you looking for a puppy or ready to work Kangal?

What role will the dog play in the family? This may include working or companion, please be specific.

Who will the puppy be living with? Please advise if there are any children or other dogs/pets.

Are you on acreage or a suburban home? If a farm, do you have livestock? If suburban, do you have a large yard and fencing? Please provide a photo

Do you have any experience with large breeds? If so, which?

Is the Anatolian shepherd and Kangal shepherd dog the same breed? And why/why not?

Harsh or aggressive training techniques are not to be used for the Kangal dogs, do you agree? We have experienced owners in the club which will be able to assist with training enquiries.

In the event that you are unable to care for your puppy/dog, the breeder must be notified immediately and an assessment will be made, do you agree?

To be placed on a waiting list, we require a non-refundable deposit, are you able to provide this?

Please note that all approved puppy owners moving forward must sign a contract that is legally binding and to be signed in front of the justice of the peace. This will be discussed upon approval and puppy availability.

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