Upcoming litters

There may have puppies and adult working dogs available

Please message on facebook or email: ogutmurat@hotmail.com

Alternatively, if there are no current litters, you are welcome to join the waiting list (deposit required).

Murat Ogut

Information for potential puppy owners

A puppy contract will be supplied for all new puppy owners going forward.

What do you offer as a breeder? Puppies come with pedigrees, wormed, vaccinated (2nd or 3rd depending on age) and 1 year breeder support.

Are Kangals suitable for family homes? Yes, very much so. Kangals are adaptable and well suited to family life as long as the dog is allowed in the actual house like a normal family member.

What is a suitable environment for a Kangal? As livestock guardians, they do best protecting livestock or poultry.

Can Kangals live with other breeds/smaller breeds? Yes. Kangals play gently with smaller breeds and many of the pups have gone to homes with different breeds. Kangals are also gentle with cats and other small pets.

Are they naturally protective? Yes. Pups will need to be socialized early with what they’re protecting in a supervised area. They are naturally inclined to being gentle and just observing rather than playing. Their protective instincts kick into high drive at around 8-10 months of age so long that their socialization has been positive and ongoing.

Do they come with breeding rights? No, all pups are sold desexed. This is due to preserving the lineage and so the dogs don’t get into the wrong hands. Limited register only – NO EXCEPTIONS. Also desexing is a good practice for all working dogs so mating does not occur with wild dogs.

Can I choose my puppy? We will try to offer you the puppy closest to your wants however, as a breeder with ample experience within the Kangal breed, we temperament match the puppy to the home. For example, working homes may receive puppies that show more alertness in stimulation testing and pet-only homes may receive a more human bonded puppy. This also relates to color as sometimes liver may occur (a recessive gene in dogs caused by dilution of the eumelanin (black) pigment by the B locus) however the puppy is still very much pure, it is a natural occurrence that may happen when breeding and is seen in Turkey. Depending on the litter available, you may not always get the sex or color you choose, but you will receive a capable and loving puppy.

Do Kangal Shepherd dogs have breed specific health issues? No. Kangal Shepherd Dogs are generally a long living and healthy breed, however they can have large/giant dog issues. Please read our Health page.

What if I am interested in showing? Misty is the only individual with rights to show this breed as we take a serious approach in representing our breed correctly.

Do you ship puppies interstate? Yes. There are Haskan kangal dogs currently in NT, WA, SA, Victoria, NSW and Qld. Please contact for details.

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