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My name is Dr Murat Ogut, the breeder at Haskan.

My journey with the Kangal Shepherd Dogs begun when I was growing up in Turkey. As a child, I grew up listening to the stories of these courageous and strong Kangals, the dogs that fought off wolves protecting their herds and of Kangals that lead children back to villages when they ran astray. I watched them working in the mountains and often stared in awe. It begun a life long love for the breed and this interest peaked into my adulthood.

I begun serious research on the Kangal several years ago. I was surprised to hear that there were no Kangals in Australia and only Anatolian Shepherds (not a breed in Turkey), alongside endless amounts of conflicting information. However, I was not deterred by this, I became more determined to understand this breed in its complexity and bring this national treasure of Turkey to Australia. After going back and fourth to Turkey to study the Kangal lineages, standard and creating relations within the Kangal world, I made the decision to import my first Kangal “Azra the Wolf Killer” AKA Gece into Australia in 2016. The rest is history!

Follow more of our journey at Haskan below




SBS article about me

I have also written the Kangal Shepherd Dog breed description for Dogs NSW


Below are photos from Haskan & Turkey. These photos include the Kangal club, FCI judges and shepherds.

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